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Gil Grigliatti, iSymposium. Pasta of the year !

Interesting review by Gil Grigliatti about “La Peca” Restaurant (Lonigo, Vicenza – 2 Michelin stars) !

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-Spaghettoni Cavalieri with peas, ham and chlorophyll.
Pasta is cooked in a peas chlorophyll. Here again a classic that tastes like very familiar, cooked with class and technique.

Great dish. Pasta of the year !
-Ruote Pazze Cavalieri herbs and crunchy polenta.
Gastronomy show. We all love this pasta size and here it’s cooked and served with fantasy and with a perfect partridge sauce! This is like another classic Veneto recipe: polenta with birds. The herbs salad is very well dressed and refreshing.

La Cucina Italiana Magazine, Adventures in Puglia by Faith Willinger

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Le Madame, Les Pouilles

In Maglie Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta Factory is a must !

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Rafael García Santos, Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia

«Unique. It suffices to say that Massimiliano Alajmo (Le Calandre) uses this brand … This is spaghetti in which the pasta reaches its best in taste and consistency…»

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